Systems Implementation

Implementation of IT Systems

In an area where SmartCon has unique competences, that is, in financial consolidation arrangements, SmartCon advises clients in choosing the right process and consolidation methodology, which is then translated on the implemented application platform.

SmartCon has a unique experience in the Polish market in implementing the best solutions supporting the processes of budgeting and reporting.

We guarantee seamless implementation from the design phase to the release of the system to use. Project management is based on the division of the whole work into the various phases of the project, each of which has strictly identifiable results presented to the customer. This approach provides fuller control over the design status of the client and allows to minimize the risk of delays.

SmartCon helps to solve custom customer needs by providing dedicated IT solutions, built according to customer's requirements.


Our leading services include:

  • Implementation of statutory reporting systems
  • Implementation of planning and budgeting systems
  • Implementation of management reporting systems
  • Consultancy services and audits
  • Data integration

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