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Financial processes support

As regards controlling, we are able to design the process of planning and management reporting, starting with the analysis of the information needs of the management at different levels, as well as the presentation of own proposals, by identifying Sources the required data until the form and contents of the periodic management report have been designed. The entire process will also be described in time, with the presentation of the necessary interactions with the statutory reporting. We also describe the responsibility of individual and organizational cells in the provision and processing of data. This process will be appropriately documented in the form of Planning and Reporting Manual (manual). On request, we can assist you in the first planning and reporting process according to the developed rules.

Balanced Scorecard is an effective tool for business management. Traditionally, responsibility for this process is allocated in the area of finance, especially controlling. Although the significance and impact of this concept goes far beyond finance and encompasses the entire organization. We are able to support the organisation in particular in the design of a balanced scorecard (developing measures in line with the current corporate strategy, assigning responsibility for meters to individuals or entities Organisation of the process of collecting and communicating gauge values). The implementation itself is usually the internal domain of an organization, because it is a normal management element that cannot be implemented by a person outside the organization.

We are happy to help in accounting and, in particular, problems related to the consolidation of financial statements and the implementation and application of international financial reporting standards. We are based here on our experience in consultancy and audit firms and on the implementation of applications supporting this area.

We are able to support the organization of financial management. We can design financial management processes in the capital Group, in particular the centralize of financial management (planning and implementation of financial flows between entities in the group, coordinated by a centralised Team). Centralisation of financial management is a very effective tool in reducing financial costs and increasing control of the headquarters on the operational units.


Our leading services include:

  • Implementation of statutory reporting systems
  • Implementation of planning and budgeting systems
  • Implementation of management reporting systems
  • Consultancy services and audits
  • Data integration

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