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SMART FINANCIAL CONSOLIDATION - reliable financial information

SMART FINANCIAL CONSOLIDATION application provides businesses with one of the most powerful financial consolidation tools in the market and support for reporting and budgeting needs of capital groups.

Innovative Product
SMART FINANCIAL CONSOLIDATION application offers remote access to the system via the web browser while ensuring data security. This allows all authorized users to access the same data at any time and from any computer.

The System allows you to apply multiple languages in both the user interface and the data level (titles, headings, report columns, item names).

Consolidate according to different reporting standards
The application allows to consolidate reports for individual companies according to the full method, proportional method and property rights. High and fully compliant with the statutory substantive content of the application, including full compliance with the Accounting Act and the requirements of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), translates into a growing technical knowledge of application users.

Data entry via MS Excel or web-forms
The data from the individual financial statements are entered directly by the companies through centrally managed and configurable forms, ensuring standardization of the reported data. In addition, the system provides an intuitive tool that allows you to freely access, modify and analyze data directly in Microsoft Excel.

Full control of the consolidation process
The application has a process management module that allows the enterprise to fully control the status of the reporting and planning and budgeting process in order to provide timely and flawless delivery of financial data.

Automatic and immediate verification of the source data entered by report units
The application has a built-in system of validation controls, which check whether the entered and then processed data is correct-in case of non-compliance with the specified parameters the system forces the users responsible for data or Processes the financial correction of these data, which significantly reduces the amount of work for central financial departments.

Data audit
The application allows to enumerate all required consolidation adjustments automatically and allows reporting of any selected calculation results for statutory auditors examining the financial statements created with the application, which It dramatically improves the quality of financial audits and the transparency of the financial processes of the company.

Advanced currency translation
The individual company data is entered directly in the local currency units. The System allows you to convert the data from the company's default currency into the Capital group presentation currency based on the odds entered in the application.

Blocking historical data
When the results are closed and reported, the system blocks the possibility of unauthorized changes to published data. You must have your system administrator permission to edit the data again.

Centralized management of dimensions, hierarchies, business rules
The System is fully customizable and maintained by the content administrators, so it fully realizes all the needs of reporting business users.


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  • Implementation of planning and budgeting systems
  • Implementation of management reporting systems
  • Consultancy services and audits
  • Data integration

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