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Oracle Hyperion EPM

Oracle Hyperion Planning – is a centralized, web-based solution for planning, budgeting, and forecasting that integrates financial and operational planning processes. Hyperion planning provides complete visibility into your business and illustrates the impact of your business on your business through tight integration of your financial and operational planning models. The software enables effective implementation in terms of planning and budgeting, while providing a platform for future development and automatic integration of business processes.

Oracle Hyperion Financial Management – multi-dimensional application module for financial consolidation and handling of all operational activities related to the statutory Capital group reporting process. The Oracle Hyperion financial Management software is seen as one of the best solutions to support financial consolidation processes. Similarly, Oracle Hyperion Planning uses a Web application to communicate with end-users and a relational repository that implements multidimensional application logic.

Oracle Hyperion Essbase - is a multidimensional OLAP engine that was recognized by the information Age magazine as one of the ten most influential IT projects in the years 1990-2000 alongside such Brands like Google, Intel Pentium, Linux, standard XML etc. Applications built on Hyperion Essbase are perfectly customizable and manageded entirely by business users. This approach significantly reduces internal costs. Hyperion Essbase can be freely scalable and developed along with the company's development, while forming the basis for the construction of a Data Warehouse. .

Oracle Business Intelligence - is a solution for reporting departments to create, manage, and deliver precisely formatted reports. The System offers a highly scalable, Enterprise-class reporting server that generates and delivers reports from multiple data sources in multiple formats through multiple distribution channels. A modern and rich environment for ad hoc queries and analysis meets the demand for fast, logical information from multiple sources that are viewable in the WEB environment.

Oracle Financial Data Quality Management – dedicated integration module that enables data flow from source systems to Oracle's destination applications. In addition, the tool provides an easy interface to manage metadata mappings and a number of reports associated with the data flow process from source to destination.


Our leading services include:

  • Implementation of statutory reporting systems
  • Implementation of planning and budgeting systems
  • Implementation of management reporting systems
  • Consultancy services and audits
  • Data integration

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